Buff/Potion interaction

  • Currently in the game there are two ways that I'm aware of to increase spell attack power. The cleric ability Blessing of Wisdom which gives a 25% increase in spell attack power and Potion of Acuity which at level 5 gives a 30% increase. However when both are used together not only do they not stack(which is pretty understandable) but the weaker of the two(blessing of wisdom) overrides the other and gives a 25% increase. This happens even though the buff indicators show both being applied at the top right of the UI. The visual bug of showing both buffs while only one is active is pretty minor however the fact that the cleric buff overrides the potion is kind of a big deal. What if I'm in a group and using potions but a cleric keeps mistakenly buffing me? Those are wasted potions. I've tested it both ways of buffing first, then using the potion and vice versa. The outcome is the same either way. Just wanted to make you guys aware of this niche interaction. Maybe it happens with other potions and spells in the game too? I'll do some more testing and post back here.

  • Does it matter in which order they are applied ?

  • Doesn't seem to matter which order. You just always end up with a 25% increase and both buff indicators showing.

  • Working on a fix for this, should be in patch this afternoon.

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