• Mages should have an ability to open portals from dungeons back into town. That way killed party members could easily return to the group and it would be possible to run to the bank or get some potions if required. I suppose only EA players have the imp?

  • I disagree mostly. I don't have an issue with party members that have been sent to the graveyard returning if the party is alive, but I don't think you should be able to freely move to town whenever you want. There should remain some sense of preparing for the dungeon before you begin.

  • Yes only EA players have the imp. The portal idea seems just like combining imp and cleric rez which would be a bit too over the top imo. I like the old school feeling of either having to crawl through a dungeon completely or dying before you can return to town with your loot.

  • Just posting about what I found in other games I played that might be worth a discussion :) More to come

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