Feedback on the quest in the vineyard with the crows

  • I can't remember the name of it but it's the one in the vineyard where you get a quest for killing 10 crows, and you get some XP, gold and some wine for completing it
    I'm not sure if it's the hit boxes on the crows, but it's really hard to hit them, also the fly animation that they do under the vines close to the ground and and very slow looks a little odd, is the flying animation supposed to be up higher and faster?

  • Hi Gruntled,

    Thanks for the feedback. A lot of the flying animations on smaller creatures are a bit sporadic. We'll take a look at it but in general flying things are designed to be harder to hit, not just static hovering objects.


  • @John Thanks for the reply. I was showing a Steam friend of mine the game for the first time the other day and we came across that quest. I was not streaming at the time or I would have saved a video clip of it. I was sure if it was something with the bird AI on that quest. Thought I would mention it as I know all the quests are in progress during Early Access. :)

  • I just had another feedback/idea for the crow AI for this, since they fly pretty low and are hard to hit.
    How about using the same AI/pathing as the bats in Caverns in the Wild?
    I think they would work well in this quest as they could fly a bit higher over the orchards and be easier to spot/kill.

  • Thanks Gruntled, we'll look into it!

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