Suggestions for in-dungeon level indicator/progress display.

  • So I was showing a Steam friend of mine the basics of the game as it was her first time playing. I let her be the party leader to host, select Easy Round Robin and the first dungeon we did was Caverns of the Wild. She had a question on the dungeon on why there was no way to tell the size and how many levels there were for the dungeon (an approximately how long it takes to complete). I know the size selection was recently removed and is now based on difficulty.
    Also she thought where it said "level" on the upper right it was the player EXP level, but then I explained it was the floor/level we were on.
    So as a suggestion I was thinking maybe it can be changed to have it say something like "level 1 of 5" (or floor 1 of 5) and place it right underneath the compass at the center of the HUD. If you use the Steam in-game FPS counter it will cover the Level display anyways on the Top-Right default setting. I had this on for the longest time and didn't realize the there was a floor counter.

    Also, I didn't know if there was a discussion on the end of the dungeon after defeating the boss, I would suggest to have some sort of "victory" screen like other co-op games where it shows how many beasts you killed and how much loot you collected. :)
    Some examples:
    Little Big Planet 2

    Thoughts, anyone?

  • This would be a nice perk to have. Its always fun to know how well you and your team did. Also helps you feel accomplished.
    Also they could possibly add achievments with this later on or even rewards of XP randomly generated giving more xp to the player with most heals, or most potions consumed and of course most kills. but it could be secret and completely random making players play there class how its supposed to be played. either way it would be a nice indicator that the dungeon is completed.

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    CONGRATS! but you know you can do better.

    Start again? Y / N
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    OHhhHHh there's a lot you can do with speed running :dizzy:

  • Really cool idea, might work really well with a truly random dungeon too (ie. bosses, npcs etc could be random as well as layout)

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