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  • Recently purchased and am looking forward to participating in the K&H community. I am simply curious if these are the main forums used for discussion or is everyone more active on the Steam version? Seems a bit quiet here. Thank you for your response.

  • I can give you my opinion having participated in both forums, but I'd say it is really up to John and the KnHs group to tell us how they want us to use the two forums.

  • Home is where you make it ;) but I'll second M'benu here.

  • I typically tend to find the Steam forums a little on the caustic side. My experience with beta communities typically finds those truly interested in the success of the project localizing on the actual game site.

  • @Shadex lol at quick glance i miss read caustic with autistic , I mean we are talking about steam forums after all :P jk jk

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