Can only run around and nothing else

  • Hi, I just bought the game, created a character and only thing I can do is run around. When I try to speak with anyone at the table in the inn, it says I must be a party leader even thought i'm not in a party. I tried creating different characters and even playing on other server, but nothing helps!
    Also for some reason I keep disconnecting from the chat and it says that there's nobody around, even thouht i've seen plenty of people running around (they were also level 1 and keep trying to sit at the table, looks like they got the same problem).

  • Ok, looks like the latest patch fixed that problem.

  • Well dang I had just compiled about 5 paragraphs worth of potential solutions , similar reports , links , quotes , highlights , footage , and I was all set to post a full length response to help you resolve your issue. BUT since its fixed I'll just say ''awesome , glad it works for ya" :santa: hehe

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