Strange Bug - Broken Character Preview?

  • So, I ran into a strange bug with a friend when we were trying to sort out how to do something which should have been obvious but wasn't exactly intuitive. We were trying to remove a skill from our hotbars without just overriding the skill. We found out later that this was as simple as double clicking the skill in the abilities page. We were halfway through a dungeon when we decided to figure this out, which is probably not the best time. Anyways, the bug is below:

    1. Open 'Abilities' page
    2. Hover over a skill
    3. Press 'Backspace'

    What this does is it takes you out of the menu and into what appears to be a gear preview mode. It even adds a 'card' behind the character which we were able to remove. Unfortunately, that is it. You cannot move the camera, cannot turn the character, and cannot leave the mode. The only way to close the game out was by pulling up the Task Manager and force quitting the process.

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