• I was wonderign whether it was possible to add a list of players who have made themselves available for grouping in the matchmaker so that when you create a new dungeon you can see who's waiting to join and invite them?

  • Back in my days playing Everquest they had a wonderful ingame command that helped me create groups countless times and it was something along the lines of /who all 1-20 or specific classes you could do /who all war 1-20 and it would list all online warriors levels 1-20 and next to the name it would state what zone they were currently in during your search request. Afterwards you could start sending individual tells using their names and offer them a group , then take it from there. Whatever level bracket you wanted that existed you could just use this command or variations of it.

    They refined it later on allowing a player to even select a zone and seek out who all was in it. For example East Commonlands was a primary zone for merchanting , trading , buying , teleporting , socializing , so if you wanted to see how busy that zone was to help decide if it was worth logging into your alternate character which you had camped out there you could type /who all Eastcommon and the game would list every player in the zone for ya. Another example was if you were trying to plan out a evening of grinding or maybe forming your own party to grind with, you may want to /who all (zone name) and see which zones had the least amount of competition and direct your group members to meet at a specific zone.

    This also helped when it came down to raiding, be it recruiting, inviting pugs, or picking a zone to raid, granted you could always opt to put yourself as /anon an you would be considered anonymous in a search , only your name would be visible on the list. Why be anon? well sometimes classes that could resurrect , teleport , were often sought out ...sometimes so often they preferred at times to simply go Anonymous to not be bothered :panda_face: BUT sometimes you were in a desperate situation , maybe you died soloing in a faaaaaar off zone and a teleport would save you quite a lengthy travel without gear :taxi: or perhaps you died in a zone and desperately needed an EXP resurrect before logging off you could /who all (zone) xxx (class) cleric (level) 1-60 and hope you find one to mooch a resurrection off :yum:

    ANYWAYS I'm rambling now but I personally would love an option or something similar for H&K specially as they expand the world this could become a very handy tool.

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