Wonderful Art

  • I just wanted to say thank you and kudos to the art team. What a wonderful art style and a refreshing escape from either of the two default choices it seems recently dominate the world of game design. We are neither forced to wade through one more cartoon bubble world thanks to Blizzard nor roll our eyes at another plastic surgeon dream world of steroids and pole dancers. While I have described your take as being Fable like it is so much more than that. Your gritty edge coupled with slightly distorted models creates a fantastic trick of the mind where things look real but then not leaving the viewer with a sort of odd but exhilarating sense of wonder and fantasy. It reminds me a lot of Jim Henson’s best work where things look very real yet you know they aren’t and you love it for that reason.

    There was another game whose art style was just absolutely superb yet fared poorly do to game mechanics. It was a FPS called Brink and K&H reminds me a fair amount. Just a visually breathtaking game that met an unfortunate end. I had long swore if I were to win the lottery and open my own studio I would hire Lauren Austin in a heartbeat. Well, that was all. Just wanted to convey my appreciation and please forward it to your art department. Just great work and I am looking forward to seeing more as the world of K&H is fleshed out.

  • Hi Shadex,

    Thank you so much for the post. We know we have work to do on the mechanics and gameplay. The art team has worked tirelessly for a year and a half to put the world together and we are excited to expand on that content. We look forward to the future and are grateful for the words and support from players like you.



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