Unique Item Tag

  • Getting message not allowing unique items, either looting or in the bank. It would be nice if the items had some indication that only one of them can be held at a time.

  • Anything with a stack size of (1/1) appears to have this property. What else could they do to indicate it besides setting the stack to (1/1)?

  • I'd have to double check but not all unique items have a 1/1. I can put some duplicate patterns in the bank but not others. Some of the new jewelry items do not allow you to have multiples or put them in the bank if one is already there.

    I've been getting a red flag from looting saying a unique item cannot be looted. I wish it would tell me which one.

    I don't know how to better indicate other than a note underneath the item name saying something like (unique item)

  • Hello,

    I ll take a look at this today.


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