Issues with Crafting and Stats

  • Started the evening with 66 or 68% Holy Damage. Spent a couple hours optimizing rolls on blacksteel boots and shoulders. Got Holy damage up to 78%.

    Equipped a red pair of boots to check stats and seemed to have permanently lost 26 ppts. in Holy Damage when I re-equipped the original boots. Down to 52% Holy Damage.


    I fully logged out and came back in. Still at 52%. Unequipped everything and it appears the issue is impacting three pieces of equipment:

    -- Helm
    -- Boots
    -- Shoulders.

    The crazy thing is I didn't craft any helms. I crafted new boots for me and new shoulders for Rizzen.

    Seriously messed up.

  • Do we know for sure that the itemization patch that adjusted crafted armour wasn't retroactive on our current gear as well and just not displayed properly on our character sheet until something was un-equipped / re-equipped?

  • We haven't received the crafting patch yet.

  • Unequipped the problem items last night and equipped stuff I had in the bank. Logged on this morning to see if they reset and they did not.

    I do not understand how stats on items can just change. And now wonder how many times this has happened and I just didn't know it.

    I think this is taking RNG to a whole new level :(

  • @Sin

    Great thought except for the helm. If it were just the new pieces I had exchanged or swapped, it would make more sense. Or if it impacted all the.pieces...

    This is a bit too RNG for me.

  • I found another legendary but I'm afraid to equip it now.

  • @Trup


    Community of gear grinders paralyzed in fear of losing their hard earned loot!

    I know. It is pixilated loot. But time spent grinding to get the remnants and coin to turn 1500 Blacksteel bars into armor... The loss stings.

  • I bet. I'm sure John will see this at some point today and look to see if something weird is going on. If it helps, I have a couple thousand bars in the bank. The new loot is really good for me though, so I may not need to craft blacksteel.

  • @Trup

    Very kind offer. But I don't think doubling down with my time and now your resources is a smart move.

  • I'm still missing 3 pieces of the spider plate set, but I'm really liking how stats are done now. If we didn't have this holy damage thing going on from crafted gear then I think most people would be moving towards the new gear. So maybe we should rethink these offensive bonuses in some way.

  • And then what happens to crafting?

  • Well if they're going to leave in bonus damage (even though it's the same exact thing as SP) then they can at least ensure it rolls on all of the new items, right? Casters shouldn't be locked into crafted items only because it's rolling bonus damage. They should update the items to show the bonus then just let it roll which element as a variable on all the caster items. But then you'd be at where you are with crafting with a 1/8 chance of the SP item rolling the stat you need, but that might be a fair trade off.

  • Given spell power on those "devil" boots you jinxed me with last night, maybe they will have equivalent paths to gearing: hours spent crafting or hours spend dungeon diving. I thought that is what John said on the Itemization update in the other forum.

    Rizzen thought the amount of SP boost (200+) might have been worth trading off the +6-9 % pts of Holy damage.

    I'm hoping crafting still has viability in the end and doesn't go the way of D3 where you just farm for the one class set... and then farm for the ancient legendary of the same set.

    Blacksteel with and without Holy damage makes sense in that champions and clerics will wear plate for the AC . I don't mind the RNG rolls for whether a piece comes with better stats: holy damage, melee crit, attack speed, etc.

    What I mind:

    • damage stats are hidden layers deep into the character stats page
    • materials not being dropped/salvaged or dropped equivalently
    • investing my time against an effort to have the outcome be the INVERSE of why I thought I was spending my time (ie. no one spends time trying to make their gear worse or to downgrade their equipment)

  • After reading all this I'm quite happy I invested the time earlier on grinding out MC Blacksteel for the pieces I wear today , I would dread losing stats at this point so my heart goes out to ya MB! I periodically pop in lately to grind some of the new dungeons on insane solo but have yet to find any ''legendary'' pieces .. is solo loot nerfed? or just bad luck? I mean since we spoke about hidden stats , I hope there is no hidden mechanic to discourage soloing insane in the quest for upgrades. :expressionless: I would be a sad panda is there was :panda_face:

  • I've replaced everything I'm wearing except for shield, axe, and crown from Insane drops or ancient pile farming. There's a lot of new loot and if you were in tip top crafted stuff then it'll take a while to find an upgrade, but they're out there if you don't care about offensive elemental bonuses.

  • @Paladine

    I can understand if they want to adjust the stats. Or even if they want to make it so you can't have holy on newly crafted items. What I don't understand is crafting and having OTHER pieces affected.

    Seems like a pretty big glitch.

  • @Mbenu i guess we need an official reply :eye_in_speech_bubble:

    @Trup Ive looted some pieces with similar stats , but thus far still nothing I'm willing to replace . To be honest I'm at the point where I kind of do want to replace gear so I can resume grinding again because as it stands I'm grinding and not really finding :negative_squared_cross_mark: Either way it is nice to know they have given us more options , so I'll try my best not to look the gift horse in the mouth :racehorse:

  • If it weren't for offensive bonuses on crafted stuff I'd imagine most people would be more inclined towards the new drops. Clerics can most certainly trade armor for offensive stats right now, the items just don't double dip the damage like the crafted stuff.

    Brash Voidbringer Chestplate - Level 50
    Armor: 63
    Melee Power: 151
    Spell Power : 771
    Health: 1451
    Increased Stamina: 7%
    Spell Crit: 17%

    I have another one that trades a bit more armor for 7% attack speed.

    Resistances don't really matter anymore. So if the crafted item didn't have Holy Damage, then I imagine this chest would be better.

    So the real problem is that old items need the offensive elemental stat addressed.

  • @Trup

    My current BS Chestplate has:

    AC: 67
    SP: 836
    HP: 1564
    With a Holy bonus of 20 something.

    I'm not sure the added Spell Crit is enough to offset the loss of SP, HP and Holy Damage.

  • It's not. You just have an op item.

  • my BS chestplate offers

    AC: 69
    Melee: 817
    Spell Power: 806
    Hit Points: 1549
    Attack speed: 7%
    Movement speed: 8%
    Pierce resist: 11%
    Slash resist: 11%
    Nature: 11%
    Also with the standard 20 or so holy hidden bonus.

    So I wonder if they change the effects of resists, bonuses and such , how will they revise the Blacksteel pieces among other MC sets? When I was crafting I really focused on the hybrid aspect when it came to keeping pieces but that may need to change some time soon by the sounds of it. .. very curious to find out. :eyes:

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