Loading Straight into the background processes

  • Good Evening,
    I am having a peculiar issue that my friend with a similar computer and my laptop are not having with this game. You see when I start this game it loads it into background processes, and I do not know who to send it to the display. My laptop runs the game fine, except it does not have the graphics to keep up with this game. Which means, lag, lag, lag and more lag when trying to do anything.

    I bought this game on Jan. 5, and it ran perfectly fine and smooth. The next day on Jan 6. my game would open straight into background processes. Then on Jan 7. it ran fine for about thirty minutes, and then I got the low level fatal error. After that error, i decided maybe if i delete skype, and curse, and discord, and completely uninstall the game to reinstall the game it would work fine. After doing all of that the game worked perfectly for about five hours. Then I jumped into the Crypt with a party of some very nice people, and my game completely froze, forcing me to hard restart my computer. Upon doing this I have run into the issue again.

    Today (Jan 8.), I have tried everything I've tried in the past to get this game to open and run properly. This is kind of a last ditch effort to still enjoy this game. I was able to talk with a developer-Jason on steam, but after his initial fix, which didn't work, I have yet to have him post on my thread.

    To Note:
    I am running a fully up to date Windows 10
    My Drivers are up to date
    I meet all specs for this game on my system
    I thoroughly Enjoy this game when/if it loads properly

    Below is a link to my discussion on the steam forum, and a post I hoped would of been helpful, but it did not fix this issue.


    Please, if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction of someone who can I would greatly appreciate their time and service.

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