PSA: Legenday Items are Unique

  • Legendary Items appear to be unique. So if you're running solo with a legendary that isn't level 50 then you might want to bank it until you get another that is level 50. I have two legendary wizard boots and I can't bank the second pair, and I recently finished another spider run where I wasn't able to loot a unique item off the boss and the only unique items I had were my legendary items.

    This needs to be addressed as long as legendary items can continue to roll sub-level 50.

  • Not sure how I feel about this..part of me likes it but there is a nagging part of me that does not. Does this also mean that legendary pieces are static stats per piece? Do the pair of legendary wizard boots you have currently also have exactly the same stats? Unique is neat in a sense but also now puts a limit to things , anyways thats a whole other story. :expressionless:

  • Yeah, items that drop always have the same stats now. The boots are identical.

  • sigh. :face_palm:

  • I like that part. I despise random items.

  • It's just boring. I'll leave it at that :v_tone1:

  • If in a group, need to open up the ability for another group member to loot the item.

  • That's just one of a few annoyances I can foresee with the Unique concept , almost defeats the purpose of labeling something Unique to begin with.

  • Trup,

    We are looking into this, there should not be a direct correlation of Legendary -> Unique, not on the engineering side. Possibly John has some items marked incorrectly, but we should be able to fix as long as design didn't intend on this.

  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the delay in response. They shouldn't be unique, this will be fixed in next patch, some items will have static stats and some random.


  • Nice , now we just need to roll out the fix on crafting epic yellow stats, balances across the board for all grades and qualities white to orange, finalize RNG or at least revise it so we can all move on. :man_dancing: THEN we can bring up the topic of Dragons! :lizard: Cheers! :tada:

  • Should master crafted gear be equal to, less than, or better than epic insane drops?

  • @Trup said in PSA: Legenday Items are Unique:

    Should master crafted gear be equal to, less than, or better than epic insane drops?

    IMO, it depends on the time investment.

    If the epic insane drops are a 3% chance of a drop from a Boss that takes a full group to get to the bottom: it should be better than something I can stand at the forge to make in the same amount of time.

    If I can solo my way to the Bosses and have a reasonable chance at a drop, it should be equal to my time and effort to farm mats and safely craft in the warming blaze of the forge.

    Right now I think it is neither of those. While I can solo my way to the bosses, I've yet to have one drop. At some point, the exercise is so futile that it is no longer entertaining and I'll turn to Netflix for a binge-watchathon.

  • Do you mean have a legendary drop, or just an upgrade drop from a boss? I think the mobs in Spider have too much health, Broken Hideout has too much CC, and Broken Hideout and Mirefen are far too long to make them farmable. On the flip side you can crush through normal Crypts and round of plenty of remnants for very little effort.

  • I was referring to the red legendary, not the purples... which in some cases might be a slight upgrade depending on the stats.

    The different rolls on the MC need to be accounted for as well. Either they all become static sameness or the time. It takes multiple yellows to ensure you get the stats you want.

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