Kings and Heroes avatars for Facerig

  • So I purchased FaceRig over the Steam Winter sale with the Live 2D addon and all the free DLC and finally started to mess with it recording gameplay videos and streaming with Kings and Heroes. Here is my recording from earlier tonight, I think the dragon is the best Avatar suited for Kings and Heroes streaming, though I still have to mess with the settings (there's advanced face tracking settings) and get it optimized while running K&H and streaming at the same time, my video card and computer are not new (close to 2 years), but I do have a lot of RAM.

    It looks like the other free DLC Avatars are from other indie games on Steam as well (Octodad, Starbound, DreadOut, Trials Fusion). Do you think you guys can work with with the FaceRig devs (Holotech Studios) on getting some Kings and Heroes Avatars for use with FaceRig? Per this thread they can rig them, time permitting.

    Or since I do have 3D Character Animation experience with rigging and animating do you mind if I take a stab at trying to convert one of the K&H models for FaceRig? :D

    I was thinking some of the characters that might work well are Helga (fortune teller), Samrock (the bouncer), Phinneas (the bard), Tortured Artist, Town Commander, Zzyzy, or even one of the Amarians.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  • So I posted on the Facerig forums a while back and they they suggest for the dev team to reach out them to get some Kings and Heroes avatars in FaceRig

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