Loot Crate Suggestions

  • Post 'em!

    • Portable Salvage Station

    • Endless Scroll of Resurrection

    • New dye pack

  • Good Ideas,

    Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions.



  • A crafting station that allows you to change the look of a weapon/armor piece to that of another while keeping the stats.

    The ability to level up items: if you're level 21 and find a purple helmet you like, you can level it up as you do.

    An aura effect that surrounds your character at all times.

  • I want to be able to add the special event items to the Artist so he can change my helm into a pumpkin or attach an elf hat. Maybe a recipe card plus the item turned into the Artist.

    I also want to not have to close the loot crates in Mirafen boss rooms before I can open them to collect the crappiness inside.

    A pet to follow me around and add more processing time and potential for DC's or lag... or just a pet. A rainbow unicorn would be nice.

  • We are potentially looking at a way to make a pseudo transmog system. That may be a bit away. Any additional quality of life things let me know. AI that follows is being worked on and may come sooner rather than later.

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